Our Approach

About dMY

Sponsoring the success of the next generation of great pioneering technology entrepreneurs onto the public markets

dMY Technology Group is focused on sponsoring the success of the next generation of great pioneering technology entrepreneurs onto the public markets. The public markets are more receptive to technology companies than at any time in a generation, and dMY has a proven operating system for ensuring ‘all weather’, rapidly-growing private companies become outstanding public companies.

dMY is democratizing investor access to category-creating technology companies by accelerating the time horizon and lowering the friction of the IPO process. dMY has raised over $2B of capital in 2020 alone and is focused on partnering with private companies able to command public market capitalizations in the $2B-$8B valuation range.

Our Approach

In the last year we have taken public the world’s first quantum computing company (IonQ), the world’s leading sportsbook data company (Genius Sports Group), and the leading US online casino player (Rush Street Interactive).  We can’t wait to pioneer with you and aim to define an entirely new category of a public company with each dMY IPO.

Our principals have a unique pedigree as public companies CEOs, CFOs, and independent directors. dMY’s founders have conducted over 40 IPOs, dozens of public secondary financings, and hundreds of public M&A transactions. We uniquely understand what it is like to sit in the CEO and CFO chair during the IPO process and have honed a playbook to maximize the success of your public debut.

dMY Technology Founded in January 2020 by Niccolo de Masi and Harry You

January 17, 2020

dMY I – DMYT.U $200MM initial offering

February 20, 2020

dMY I – announced business combination with Rush Street Interactive

July 27, 2020

dMY II – DMYD.U $240MM initial offering

August 14, 2020

dMY II – announced business combination with Genius Sports Group

October 27, 2020

dMY III – DMYI.U $275MM initial offering

November 13, 2020

dMY I – closes business combination with RSI

December 30, 2020

dMY IV – DMYQ.U $300MM initial offering

March 5, 2021

dMY III – announced business combination with IONQ

March 8, 2021

dMY II – closed business combination with GSG

April 20, 2021

dMY IV – announced business combination with Planet

July 7, 2021

dMY III – closed business combination with IONQ

September 30, 2021

dMY VI – DMYS.U $210MM initial offering

October 1, 2021

dMY IV – closed business combination with Planet

December 7, 2021

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer
Niccolo de Masi Chief Executive Officer
Harry L. You Chairman
David Chung
David Chung Vice President